How to obtain a vessel license?

Do you enjoy sporting activities at sea or the freedom of yacht rental in Croatia? Then you should think about taking a captain’s course thanks to which you can become independent on the sea. Luxury yacht sailing is especially popular for young people who like to enjoy pleasant days at sea with their friends.

Who is the captain’s course intended for?

The captain’s course is not only for people who already have experience in yacht managing. Also, beginners who have never been to the sea before can take this course. If you do not own a license to manage a recreational vessel and you are a complete beginner in this field, this course is for you. Of course, there is a difference between a luxury yacht sailing and a basic yacht sailing. The captain’s license can be usually obtained by person over 16 years.

How does the course look like?

The first thing you need to do is to master a radio-telephony course. That includes learning international radio regulations, mastering radio operations and learning how to operate the necessary electronics and radio technology. 

This course will prepare you for an examination of the theory you need to know for yacht rental Croatia. Besides, you will learn how to navigate and operate a vessel under normal conditions. The process and program of the course are not fixed, what is important is its content.

What does the theoretical part include?

The theoretical part of the course can be completed in Slovakia and is offered by agency. The course consists of the knowledge you need to acquire when you sail at sea. You will learn how navigation (without which you should not even consider yacht managing) on the sea works. When navigating on the sea, you also need to know how maritime routes are marked. Yacht rental Croatia is only possible for people who know the maritime law and crew safety instructions. You will also learn how to maintain your boat. Each luxury yacht has some extra equipment. The theoretical course usually lasts a week and you can do it also in your country.

What will you learn during the practical part of the course?

During the practical part of sea yachting you should learn how to control the boat. This includes maneuvering the boat in the port, mooring the boat and sailing itself. You should also be able to know how to manage the boat in case of strong winds or other weather conditions. In order to successfully complete the course, you must complete 200 nautical miles (or 100 hours).